Magic: The Gathering

As a Planeswalker, you wield unimaginable power. When you’re casting powerful spells and summoning gruesome monsters you need to know your trading cards are protected.

KMC card sleeves are a great way to look after your cards, keeping them pristine for playing and trading. Even if you’re a player who takes care of your cards, normal wear and tear are almost impossible to avoid. So the easy solution is to place each card in the protective layer of a KMC card sleeve, a perfect fit for Magic the Gathering cards.

And with new cards released every year, trading with your fellow players can sometimes be fast and frequent. So make sure your cards remain as desirable as the day you bought them.

Look after your cards with Magic the Gathering sleeves

Built to withstand constant gaming – Even if you’re a passionate Magic player, these card sleeves will stand the test of time. They’re designed to be thin yet robust, protecting your cards against scratches and wear and tear.

Used by trading card professionals – KMC sleeves not only provide excellent protection, they also making playing easy. With a smooth anti-slip surface, they won’t slide out of your hands. And the matt finish means you’ll experience no glare from lights.

Getting your hands on Magic the Gathering card sleeves is easy. Simply find your local store here.

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