Pokémon Trading Card Game

Becoming a Pokémon master takes hard work and determination. And only a fierce competitor becomes the victor in battle. But in the fight to become the very best Pokémon trainer, you need to make sure your cards are protected.

With thousands of cards to choose from and new “expansions” released each year, the trading market for Pokémon is vibrant and active. In fact, in the games 15-year history, Pokémon cards have become collectors’ items.

That means your cards need to be in the best possible condition.

Get the ultimate Pokémon deck protectors

Easy to shuffle when playing – Pokémon card sleeves are designed with gamers in mind, always protecting your cards but not getting in the way of playing. The thin sleeve and anti-slip finish allow you to shuffle and play without the cards slipping or sticking. And a matt finish stops light reflecting off the surface, so you can always see the card inside perfectly.

Trade cards in excellent condition – KMC card sleeves are built to last, ensuring your cards are always kept safe from wear and tear. So when you go to play or trade your Pokémon cards you can be sure they’ll be in mint condition.

Pokémon card sleeves from KMC can be found in hobby and games stores across Australia. Click here to find your local stockist.