Weiß Schwarz

Weiss Schwarz involves the dramatic clashing of burning souls. Once your soul reaches your opponent it remains there as damage. But although you want to damage your opponents, you don’t want to damage your trading cards.

If you trade your cards (or think you might sell them in the future), it’s vital that you keep them in excellent condition. You’ll maintain a great price and you’ll have no shortage buyers.

And when you play in tournaments, there is nothing worse than worn, folded or torn cards. Compete with beautiful, flawless cards every time with our card sleeves.

KMC sleeves are the best way to protect your Weiss Schwarz cards. You’ll keep your cards looking brand new, no matter how long you own them.

Why you’ll love Weiss Schwarz card sleeves

Protection without getting in the way – KMC card sleeves are designed with gamers in mind, which means they do not get in the way of playing. No light shines off them due to the matt finish. And they will stick in your hands or in position on your playing mat, due to the anti-slip surface.

These are durable card sleeves – With precision engineering, Weiss Schwarz card sleeves are built to last. They help your cards maintain that new look however long you play for. And they fit Weiss Schwarz cards perfectly.

So where can you buy KMC sleeves for your Weiss Schwarz cards? Check out our stores page here to find your local stockist.